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[IP] Sil's for three days???

> By the third day wearing the silhouette, I begin to have redness, discomfort 
> and a bump at the insertion site.  My Joslin nurse practioner recommends 
> changing the site every two days.....I truely hesistate to do that.....

so, i'm a D pumper, and i wear tenders...  i had some similar problems...
and totally by accident stumbled on the follwing solution...  i decided to
try inserting through tape (as is often suggested on this list) but that
didn't seem to be helping a whole lot.. though it did make the bumps
smaller...  (i'm using tegaderm HP)  but one day (at day 1.5) the tegaderm
came somewhat unstuck at the bottom, so i took a second piece, cut an off
center circle out of it, and fit it around the place where the tubing
"clicks in" and smoothed the tape over the bit that was peeling....  all
of a sudden i could go for three days.. i have now done away with the tape
on the bottom, and only put tape on top... it seems that the additional
adhesive holding the cannula against the skin makes it happy... (don't ask
me how, i just know it works)

-jess who is on day 2 of her 3rd 3-day tender set...

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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