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Re: [IP] I can see, but the eye doctor can't.

Jen wrote about her visit to the ophthalmologist:

>gave him my latest A1C result, which was in the non-diabetic range, and 
>told him
>that was a typical A1C for me.  And here is what he told me:  "For now, 
>your exam
>looks good.  But you will eventually get retinopathy.  It may happen next 
>week, or
>it may happen 10 years from now, but it will happen."  I wanted to smack 
>his face.
>He went on from there, extolling the wonders of laser treatments, but I really
>didn't hear much of what he said.  While he was busy telling me about all 
>the great
>treatments, he was unwilling to acknowledge that I might not need them.  I 
>told him

Sounds to me like it's simply an issue of "poor choice of medical 
specialty". While this guy must have *some* knowledge, he's practicing in 
the wrong area. My guess is he'd make a much better proctologist - he's 
certainly got his brain close to that area of specialization <vbg>

Bob - who after 42 years of no retinopathy really doesn't like to be dealt 
with as a "statistic" either
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