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[IP] Appetite and Lows

In my prepumping days (and especially in pre-meter days) a low could trigger 
an insatiable hunger, which I generally over-compensated for too.  I think 
it's a metabolic thing- you know it's not really appetite (a desire for 
food) but a matter of survival.  If I had a BG of 52 I usually have juice 
and follow it with something more solid and time consuming - an apple maybe 
crackers.  But now I count the crackers and IF my BG isn't normal after 20 
minutes - or even if I feel really woozy after 10 or 15 I check again.  I 
try to read while I'm waiting (only because I'm an avid reader and it keeps 
me quiet and distracted while I'm waiting).

And yes sometimes I have no hunger when I'm going low - or used to at times, 
and I related my problem (YMWV) to gastro-paresis where my body just 
couldn't digest the food that was already in my stomach fast enough.  Do you 
have gastro?  It's wierd how that happens but I know exactly what you mean.  
If I overeat now, when my BG is back up I bolus for the extra carbs.

Hang in there.

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