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Re: [IP] The misunderstood Bagels

In a message dated 11/18/99 7:17:11 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

The poor misunderstood bagel. . . 

Have you guys ever tried comparing the weight of the bagel, some as big 
around as my daughters soccer ball, with the weight of a slice of wonder 
bread?  I had probs with bagels too because I really loved them and yes my 
bgs went up up up when we met.  However, when I got real with the little guys 
and weighed them instead of trusting their labels we get along much better.  
And I agree with Sara, take a good guess, test 2 hours later, and correct.  
Don't throw the food off the "acceptable" list, just figure out what to do 
with it.  Some of those large coffee shop varieties have weighed in at 150 
carbs.   Soooooo, instead of tossing them out, I just eat half at a time if I 
have one.

Does this make sense?

<< This was my exact reaction too. When I saw what bagels were doing to my
 sugars I read up on breads in general. I tried putting some spread on the
 bagels (I had been eating them plain). Thought that would slow down the
 rise. It didn't. Regular bread does not do this to me. I'm sure there is a
 logical explanation out there but I haven't been able to find it. <g> Do you
 not have this problem? If I could find a way to fix it I would because I
 really enjoy bagels and would like to be able to eat them again. >>
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