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[IP] Endo says YES to pump, but...


Perhaps your endo should be asking, Who would be an
ideal candidate for insulin injections? They must
remember to inject two or more per day at certain
times. The timing of meals must be matched to insulin
peaks. The amount of food must be adjusted to insulin
dosages or visa versa. They must check blood sugars a
minimum of four times per day. And if they don't do
all of the above they may develop DKA or even severe

In my mind, even if a person isn't a perfectly
"compliant diabetic" (whatever that means...)pump
therapy may be safer for them. The major risk would be
developing DKA if the infusion site fails. But a
person could also develop DKA if they eat a meal and
forget the injection to cover it. Pump therapy
delivers the insulin subcutaneously, therefore, the
insulin is delivered in a more precise manner than
injections because it doesn't pool under the skin. It
all adds up to improved control and a better quality
of life. 

I think the medical community needs to rethink their
lofty theories on the "ideal pump candidate." Pump
therapy isn't rocket science... Although like MDI, it
does require some effort and work. 

Wishing you the best of luck in finding an endo who is
enthusiastic about pump therapy,

Andrea Seitz
Happy to be Pumping 7 months
Diabetic 30 years

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