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[IP] Re:pumps and retinopathy

On 7 Nov 1999 Leesa wrote:
>  I started pumping 3 days ago and just started reading Pumping 
>  Insulin. It says if you have retinopathy even background that this 
> worsens temporarily and to see a specialist to mark any changes. 
>  I have retinopathy and my horrible endo never mentioned any of this 
>  to me What a shock!!!!!!Has this happened to anyone?

yes - me...When i went on the pump in 1993, my endo from hell did NOT tell me 
that this was a possible complication...I had already had several bleeds, and 
lasers, in one eye and the putz KNEW that, and he still set my target ranges 
at 80 - 120.  It wasn't until I had several more bleeds and my retina 
specialist foudn out I was on a pump with drastically improved control 
recently,  that I learned this little pearl.  Retina doc said the increased 
incidents of low blood sugar helped contribute the bleeds. and with a target 
of 80-120, it was easy to see how a low was possible

"They" say that usually the bleeding WORSENS after changing to pump therapy, 
then IMPROVES over time...I immediately changed my target ranges to 100 - 
150.  They don't say how long it takes to "see" improvement.  Shortly after 
going on the pump, I had a vitrectomy in that eye and it wasn't until 2 years 
after going on the pump that the other eye started to bleed...It bled alot 
and had lots of lasers for 2 years.  I can now say there has been NO MORE NEW 
growth (neovascularization) in over 3 years, which is good - those bad leaky 
vessels are no longer growing in my eye, and I avoid lows at all costs.  My 
eye is filled with blood right now, however, due to the vitreous pulling away 
from the retina and causing little bleeds.  My vitreous has been "stapled" to 
my retina, so to speak, by the many lasers, but a natural process of aging is 
when the vitreous separates from the retina.  When it pulls, where i have 
been lasered, it is like pulling out a staple, which cause a little bleed - 
like when you pick at a scab - get the analogy?  

So, yes, it is a known fact and your butt headed endo should have told you if 
he knew you had retinopathy.  My suggestion is speak to your retina doctor 
and ask HIM what he thinks a safe target range is for your bg.  Why aim for 
an A1c of 6.0 if the increased incidents of lows makes your eyes bleed?!?!??!

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