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Re: [IP] Why are docs so pessimistic?? (was Endo said yes, but . . )

I told her to try and have bloodsugars in the 80 - 150 range
>meals. She said it isn't going to happen on the pump. obsessed with my 

    I don't understand why all of these docs (re: the eye doc who siad 
retinopathy was inevitable, and the one mentioned above, as well as 
countless others I'm sure)  are so pessimistic. Of course it's important to 
be REALISTIC, i.e. no, the pump is not a cure and you still have to work at 
it and be willing to make a committment and accept the fact that YES, you do 
have diabetes and things will go wrong and it can be fustrating.  But 
please!  Why do so many docs try to convince their patients that there's 
nothing they can do??? I mean, we've got this disease for the long haul, 
until they find a cure, and it's horrible to tell a patient that despite 
their best efforts, they WILL have complications, they CAN'T have blood 
sugars in the normal range, etc. etc.  I think this is unsensitive and 
unfair of them.  Most importantly, it ISN'T TRUE. As all of us know, the 
pump is a great way to do everything possible to avoid complications and 
stay in a normal range.  We still have a higher chance of getting 
retinopathy or whichever complication you care to name, but it isn't a 
given.  It's possible to remain free of these things, and all we can do it 
try.  So there's no point in a doctor rubbing all the evidence against you 
in your face!! I hope that none of the people out in IP land who have 
doctors that act like this get too discouraged!!!!  Take care, Gianna
p.s.  on a pump, sometimes hypo unawareness can improve (to the original 
poster of this message)

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