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[IP] Feeling low!!!!!


    Wow, I know how you're truly feeling, it can be awful. Those lows that
seem to be low and then you're not, and sometimes you cover the low and then
check yourself and YOU'RE NOT LOW, WOW that's a no-no.

    As for getting a dog, I got a dog at the pound. She is a black Cocker
Spaniel and my best friend. She is the best adoption I have ever thought
about making or ever will. I NEVER taught her how to figure out my lows or
highs, but she SOME HOW knows.

    I have the tendency to go low right before my Morning Phenomenon and she
wakes me immediately. She cries and whimpers and whines and then howls. One
day I ignored her because she can be annoying for attention during the day
and she did NOT give up until I got up and checked myself. I was at 34.

    She started out by hitting me with her paw, then she gave up on that,
then she decided to fake sneeze on me, then she tried to cry and whimper,
then gave up and decided to sit on me, she weights 40 pounds, I just pushed
her off, I am difficult to wake up by the way, then she sat there for a
second and she let out this annoying loud howl and whine all in one. I got
up and I fell to the floor and the room was spinning. She was excited I got
up and she sat by my blood monitor until I checked.

    One trick that has helped promote it might sound crazy, but it sure has
worked for me. Cocker Spaniels love tissue paper, toilet paper or napkins. I
always tell me guests don't put your napkin on your lap we have a napkin
thief in the house.

    Well, anyway, EVERYTIME I test my blood she runs up to me, and I usually
lay on the bed to do it. She jumps up and I say "You know the rules." She
lays down and she watches me the whole time, then when I am done I give her
a corner of a tissue that I use to wipe my finger off. She gets up and runs
away happy. This has helped her to KNOW how important it is and to let her
know she is a part of my healthcare also. It sounds crazy, but in the past
few years she has NEVER failed at waking me up and telling me I am in
trouble. She can not recognize highs to my knowledge, but I am blessed I
adopted her.


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