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Re: [IP] Humalog Insulin

In a message dated 11/18/99 4:20:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I have been reading all the questions, and I have one...My Endo D has put 
 on Humalog to use in my pump. MiniMed 507C. I had a problem and called 
 MiniMed and told them I use Humalog. They said that Humilin not Humalog 
 should be used in the pump. Is anyone else using Humalog? And are you 
 experencing fast acting changes in Blood sugar levels?  Also, Someone was 
 saying that trainers don't teach the silhouette. I was taught that from the 
 git go. I tried the soft set, but they didn't penetrate deep enough. Being a 
 man of 55, and not a 99lb weakling, I need the that loooooong needle of the 
             Bob >>

When I started pumping almost 5 months ago, I was told that Humalog hadn't 
been approved for the pump by the FDA.  However, doctors can override this.  
I use Humalog and have since starting (actually, I've been taking insulin 
since 1/99 and have been using Humalog from the start)

As for speed, yes, Humalog is much faster than regular.  Regular has a 30 
minute onset time.  Humalog has only a 10 minute onset time.  Never having 
used Regular, I don't know in practice if it's faster or slower than Humalog. 
 However, I believe Humalog is faster.

email @ redacted
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