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RE: [IP] people pumping 4, 5 months, expectations

Best of luck to you. I know you can do it.  
Out of curiosity...

I know that every one on this list has a slightly 
different pump story.  Some started in the hospital
and some at home.  Some started almost the day they
got their pump and some had to do daily records and 
saline for a while.  So what I am about to repeat is
how they plan on starting me in two weeks.  I just wonder
if this might help you to figure our your basals.  Since
although exercise is a great thing, it can cause havoc.
I wish you the best of luck.

-- Sherry

First:  I do 2 90 minutes sessions with the CDE and she
gives me a cram course on the pump.  The good the bad
and some of what to expect and answers any questions. 
Then after these two sessions I go into pump start week one.

Week One:  They put me on saline and let me run on my
own for a week.  I have to do all the set changes, all
of the syringe changes, all of the boluses as if it was 
insulin.  (But then takes shots for the insulin).  

Week Two:  I go live.  They give me insulin and then I
have to eat three set meals at set times.  Breakfast, 
Lunch, Dinner.  No snacks unless I am low and these have
to be in 15g increments with .5 hr. in-between. I also
can't exercise.  This includes no running up stairs, sex,
etc.  I need to live a relaxed normal life. ;)  This is
supposed to help figure out both basal and bolus rates.

Week Three:  I can start adding snacks and also start
fasting to check basals without a meal involved.

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