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[IP] Old timers

I too still have my glass syrings.  Thank goodness I never had to deal with
needles--we always had disposable (26g, I think, maybe 25g).  I still have
my B-D "kit" with 2 glass bottles for alcohol, 2 rubber stopper metal tubes
for needles, a big rubber-capped, spring-loaded tube for the syringe, and a
spot to store the injector (still have that too!)

And does anyone remember when "they" said to stop writing down your urine
tests with +'s and write down the percentages instead?  Tes tape and
Clinitest, and the strips all used different scales-- 4+ with TesTape did
not mean the same as 4+ with Clinitest.  

Then, Clinitest came out with the 2 drop method--it went up to 5% whereas
the 5 drop method only went to 2%.  Didn't matter much for me--it was
always "orange" and occasionally blue.  No wonder I never tested--it was
always bad news.

I started blood testing in 1982, using "Haemo-Glucko Test".  We were in
Germany at the time (I'm an army brat).  In the US, we call them
"Chemstrips".  And I've been faithfully testing ever since.  Not
necessarlily putting the information to good use, but testing nonetheless.
My first meter was the one that you could cut the Chemstrips in half, and
use half a strip.  I don't have it anymore--traded it in on a Diascan meter.

There's never been a better time to have diabetes.....  Just think what the
future holds!  Whew-Hoo!

--back from memory lane....
Barry "Bear"  W. Finch
Atlanta, GA, USA
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