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[IP] people pumping 4, 5 months, expectations

I'm with y'all.
 I thought too highly of the pump and was more than
ready to the extra work. As it was, i was seeing 20s
and 500s daily on shots, checking 8-10 times a day and
taking extra shots, so the pump was more than welcome.
Come Nov. 28, I will have been at this exactly 5
months, i am still testing average of 12x a day and my
bg aren't great. I AM TRYING, I agree with Stephen.>i
want to know the reasonign behind changes, my endo has
NOT made many,b ut the ones he does I don't understand
adn frequently they do not work. 
 We all know the probs i've had. Convinced almost more
than ever this is not 99.9% self care, it's 110% self
care! I'm watching my food, exercising and trying to
sort out the infusion set issues (geez, that has /is
taking forever!) and am not seeing the rewards, just
the frustration. I went running this afternoon, had
been high before and corrected 1.7 instead of 2.0 --on
the light side, an hour later I was 87 (GREAT number)
but i was dropping. I ate a banana, and decided not to
bolus for it considering my correction was still
working and so was the exercise. Come 5:30 (dinner) i
will see and do this differently tomorrow if
necessary. I am learning, but you can read all you
want but it doesn't always help.  I have a bent needle
in now, and that is a change. Not srue I like them b/c
you can always feel them, but for a few days I have
the assurance that my sets aren't crimping and causing
the 300s and 400s. All I can say is it all takes
patience. I am not sure of my opinion of the pump, I
think I advocate it when I talk to people, but my own
personal opinion I'm not sure. I know when I am a
pediatric endo I will be open to the pump, but i will
be 10x closer in providing support. We live adn we
learn and this is very very discouraging when you do
not get what you expect, when you try EVERYthing and
can't figuer things out and when you feel like you're
starting over time adn time again trying to figure
things out. I guess today was a good day b/c I'm ready
to tackle this, but y ou never know. i am aware that
shots are open to me but at my endo appt I decided I
want to try the pump some more. And I will, but I
doubt I could handle a year of these problems. It's
been 4.5 months and my goal is for all this to be
worked out by Christmas or to make some major changes.
People do do H or R in shots and not have infusion set
probs with pain or crimping. You never know. I know I
will fight for teh control though and I will not
remain quiet and just ignore things. Something has got
to work, and the excuse that I am 16 is BS in my
opinion. 400s aren't gonig to kill the doctor, but the
patient, so maybe hormones is an ok excuse for them,
but to ME it's not! There are better ways.
 I should be finding out my a1c soon, I know it will
be higher than in a while, b/c I have had more highs
lately than i EVER had in ten and a half years on
shots. I'm hoping that was just temporary but one
never knows. All we can do is try, and trying is what
we do.

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