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[IP] Appetite Affected by Lows...

I had a question for everyone,  when I run low in a 
number between 55-80 lets say.  (Right now my goal 
number is 150 before meals)  I have no problem counting
out 6 lifesavers and waiting the half hour and testing
to see if I need more.  However if I have a low below
55 I have one of two reactions.  Either my stomach 
doesn't feel good and nothing sounds good.  For example
I stand in front of the refrigerator for ten minutes 
knowing there are several things I could have to bring
up my bg but nothing is quite "right" for me at the moment.
<lol>.  Or everything looks good and I could eat an
entire box of cereal, a gallon of milk, and still want
ice cream. :)   Ok so maybe that is a little bit of an
exaggeration, but not that far from the truth.  

I was just wondering if other people had this problem.
It also doesn't help that one low I had a few months ago
made my stomach not feel well and my husband knowing I was
low got me some juice and made me drink it. My bg was 42.
I drank it and then threw up all over him and the kitchen
table I was sitting at.  Strangely I felt a lot better 
afterwards and my blood sugar went up to normal.  I 
didn't feel sick after either.  However, now when I
run low and become indecisive I still seem to remember
this occasion and won't let my husband get anything for me. :)

Just can't win can I. 

-- Sherry
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