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[IP] Obsessive?

Carolyn Green wrote:

> She said I was obsessive about my diabetes, probably because I was so well
> organized with detailed records so we could talk about the pump.

THAT one really pushes my buttons!  :( :( :(

They moan and complain because so many diabetics are "non-compliant" and
ignore BG monitoring, and eat whatever and make no effort to adjust
insulin to food, and then when they DO find someone who does that, they
call them obsessive!!!!!!!

It's like you can't win for losing -- they HAVE to push your face in the

I got called obsessive by a GP because I questioned whether my BGs
should be going into the 300's after a meal. She threatened to take away
my meter. 

Hey, it's MY body, and I'm the one who has to live in it, and it's MY
decision as to how closely I want to monitor diabetes. Period!

By the way, the goal of 80 - 150 fasting is a VERY reasonable one --
it's not even "tight". And those BGs are not even normal, either, so I
don't see what she's got her pants bunched up about!!!!

Sorry for the rant, but that one made me see red!
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