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RE: [IP] Late Morning Highs and Mistaking Lows for Highs


I had a similar problem. Good a breakfast, after breakfast my sugar would
quickly rise to 250 or more and slowly come down over the next few hours. If
I took enough insulin to prevent the 250 I would be in the 30-40 range at
lunch. My CDE has attacked the problem with basal adjustments. From 6am to
9am my basals are increased. Then from 9 to 12 they are decreased. This
helps with the surge after breakfast. I am now peaking to only 200 and by
hour 3 after a meal I am back to normal, and I do not crash later, even if I
don't eat lunch. The same pattern is repeated for lunch and dinner. So far
it is working great. You might mention this concept to your doctor and see
if it will work for you.


 However, from
> 8:30am until 11:00am,
> my glucose increases by about 100 or 150 points. I'm
> relatively confident that
> my basal rates are correct during this time period. Bolusing
> brings it down
> slowly, but it is normally about 5:00pm before I'm back in
> range.  I don't know
> what changes to make to bring my numbers after 8:30am back in
> line. If I change
> the carb ratio for breakfast, I'm concerned about going low
> at 8:30.

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