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[IP] Re: Mistaking Lows for Highs

>Has anyone ever experienced what they thought was a low, only to
>test and discover that they were high? This happens to me about twice a >week.Any ideas about what would cause this?

Shane is usually VERY accurate at guessing where his BG is (within 5-10
points), but he has done the above on occasion, although not as often as
twice a week. He has also sometimes felt high and discovered he was low.
There have also been times where I thought he was low based on how he
was acting but he turned out to be high. So we just always check to be
sure... No idea what causes this. One rather odd thing is that he
generally has hypo awareness, but sometimes must make a concious effort
to determine this. He can be acting weird and think nothing of it until
I say "are you low?" Then he stops for a few seconds, thinks and says
"hey you're right, I feel about 50", and he is usually right. Its like
he doesn't know he feels bad until he thinks about it. (of course,
sometimes I am wrong, and he says, "no I'm fine", and he is...) Anyone
else experienced this?
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