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Re: [IP] Questions from a 5 month pumper

On 17 Nov 99 at 18:29, imsmc:\ wrote:

> I have now had my pump 5 months, and I wanted to ask some questions. For
> a little background, I was led to believe that I would just hook the
> pump up and *abracadabra* my blood sugars would be normal. The Diabetes
> Center people didn't teach me about the possible difficulties.

It sounds like they missed giving you the most important information of all... 
and raised your expectations too high...  But this is part of the continual 
battle that we all are engaged in with many in the "medical profession"... I 
know a couple of doctors who think that your bg should be "normal" with one 
shot of NPH a day if you just "follow the rules"...   This group can be a 
resource to help you discover how to properly pronounce "abracadabra" so your 
bg can be closer to normal with a reasonable amount of effort... Sorry about 
there not being any magic that would make everything simpler, but if any of us 
knew it we'd be dancing in the streets... and given my background dancing would 
be a major thing...

> 2.  I thought that once you get your basals set, you're set. It seems to
> me as though I have to change my basals every 6-8 weeks because my needs
> change. All of a sudden I'll be having hypoglycemia 5-6 times a day,
> following the same routine as I have for the past few months, and then I
> have to change the basals. This does not happen with boluses. Anyone
> else experience this?

I'm in the middle of my fall basal shift.  I've had several nighttime lows and 
late afternoon highs... Now I am getting ready to begin the process of 
resetting my basal rates...  Your basal needs shift according to the weather, 
seasons, activity levels, phase of the moon, stress levels and all other kinds 
of unknown factors...  The bolus amount (ratios) tend to be a little more 
stable but they also change...  The trick is to learn how to adjust these rates 
and ratios...  

> Any feedback is appreciated!!

The collective has an large and varied experience pool, so you're probably 
going to get all kinds of different answers.  Remember the first rule - YMWV!

Randall P. Winchester
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* reflect the official position of anyone in particular.            *
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* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
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