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[IP] Re: insurance coverage

Hi everyone!
    I appreciate all the diet advise from my last queston.  Now, I have
another one........
I asm on Medicaid disability insurance and they really hate to approve pumps
and their supplies, but they did for me this month.  As I have said before,
I am having trouble with the infusion sets they pay for.  They will only pay
for the bent needle sets.  The problem is this:  Yesterday, my endo decided
that I seemed to be allergic to the metal in these sets.  He wants me to go
on the sils or tenders.  I have been told that my insurance will only cover
the cost of the ones I now have and that I can pay the difference in cost.
My endo asked me to see if insurance would pick up the whole thing with
documentation from him on my allergy.  Has anyone ever had this restriction
with any of you insurance companies?  If so, were they willing to make the
change with proper documentation?  I am trying to get a hold of the
insurance rep, but I wondered what you all have had to give them to get the
sils?  thanks.


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