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[IP] Bagels

Kathie1432 wrote:
>  My CDE told me to count 15 carbs per 1oz plain bagel.  A 4oz 
> plain bagel = 60 carbs.  Why does this work only sometimes.

cuz unless you are eating those nasty, pre-sliced factory generated bagels 
that come in your freezer section, (ie Lenders) you are probably getting ALOT 
more than a 4 oz bagel.  A REAL bagel, ie, hot and fresh, can raise my bg 
more than a chocolate donut!!!  

You have to weigh every bagel - even the frozen ones (thaw it first) and make 
sure you are really only having 4 oz, or it maybe it is ACTUALLY 6.

I live in NYC and eat lots of bagels...I have to bolus for at least 60 carbs 
for even an average size bagel...more if there are raisins or fruit or I add 
cream cheese!

Good luck

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