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[IP] Questions from a 5 month pumper

Sue writes:
>  I was led to believe that I would just hook the
>  pump up and *abracadabra* my blood sugars would be normal

hmmm, hopefully you have "wised" up, the pump is just a machine, and like any 
machine, relies on infallible humans to operate.  The pump only works as well 
as YOU make it work.  (I'd bet 95% of "trouble" calls to MNMD and D are user 
errors and NOT machine errors...)

anyway, you have obviously learned that there ARE difficulties, and they 
aren't "possible."  They are "probable" "inevitable" and rarely "predictable"

>  1. How many people are not able to use sof-sets because they 
> are too skinny? 

I am not skinny, but I do not use the sofset.  Others on the list have 
reported that the sofset does not work for them regardless of whether they 
are skinny or not.  MNMD trainers, for SOME reason, assume we are ALL wimps 
and that we are scared to stick something in us, like a silhouette needle, so 
they came  up with the handy dandy Sof-serter which does the dirty deed for 
you.  So your reps did the same as just about all the other ones I have ever 
heard about...took the easy way out and only showed you the sof-set...if they 
showed you your OPTIONS (IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT!?!?!?), then think 
of ALL the extra work they'd have to do!!!  No sof serter for the 
silhouette...they'd have to show you have to slide in that 8 foot long 
introducer needle....ewwwwww...so ask your trainer or rep for a few samples 
and use that instead...it is much better and no stupid TAIL hanging off of 
>  2.  I thought that once you get your basals set, you're set. 

HA....they change ALL the time...if you are sick, if you are PMSing, change 
of seasons, stressful situations....They ony thing you can count on is that 
they WILL change...sometimes for no reason at all.  All you can do is 
periodic basal checks...remember that many women need to raise their basals 
the week before their period, and then have to drop them again when it 
starts...Maybe you have a bottle of slighlty off insulin...not bad enough to 
be the OBVIOUS cause but just enough to send you swinging...then too, youhave 
been having trouble with your sites, so how can you know if your basals are 
right yet...just a thought...try the silhouette...

>  following the same routine as I have for the past few months, and 
> then I have to change the basals. This does not happen with boluses. 
> Anyone else experience this?

The week before my period, all my basals MUST go up at least .1 or .2, but my 
bolus for what I eat and to lower a high bg is pretty much the same...It is 
all those extra hormones racing around in your body that devour that insulin!

>  3. Has anyone had the experience of getting intimate with a new person,

not recently :-|

But really, if you are gonna start "kissing and touching someone" hopefully 
they know you well enough that you have already given them PUMP 101...maybe 
you have even had a meal together and he/she has watched you test and bolus.  
Of course, there are those odd "strange encounters" in clubs where you are 
dancing with someone and all of a sudden his hands start wandering over your 
bumps and curves...some being less natural than others...then the groper 
probably deserves a slap.  Go to the web site and do a search for SEX...this 
tpoic has been discussed a lot...sometimes in serious tone even!!!

Good luck - if you have more problems, ask away!!

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