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RE: [IP] Batteries -- was Bagels

At 10:09 AM 11/18/1999  Karissa Hagler wrote:
 >I just
 >received a new shipment of supplies form my distributor and the batteries 
 >sent were 675G?  They are from MiniMed, but I thought that the 507c only
 >used the
 >357 from energizer.  Did the batteries change with out me knowing it?

I think a call to MiniMed would be in order. Either they sent the wrong 
batteries or the new ones will also work in older pumps. From what I 
understand the batteries that you got are for the new 508. These batteries 
are supposed to have more life than the older batteries, to support the new 
features. But I don't know if the voltages, etc. of the 675G are the same 
as the 357 batteries. You need to call to make sure before you try them.


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