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[IP] Re:Master Cook Deluxe-funny story-great price

email @ redacted writes:
>> ...for a program like this and found this one and it was marked $14.99...    >> When I checked out he scanned the CD and it came up $ .01!!!! 

Jan replied:
>I dunno. I'm the kind of person who would have told the clerk a mistake had 
>perhaps been made. I'm not much "into" dishonesty and certainly wouldn't >brag about it.

I'm not sure I would consider this dishonesty. To me, this is not the
same as the clerk accidentaly hitting the wrong key or handing you a 10
instead of a 1. The store is responsible for having their computer
systems set up to charge correctly. In fact, most stores around here
have a policy that if an item does not ring up correctly on the scanner,
it is free (no matter whether the mistake is in their favor or yours).
Similar problems have occurred with the online purchasing of airline
tickets. Occasionally a mistake is made and tickets are listed at some
ridiculously low price, like $1.  So far, in the interests of good
customer relations, the airlines have generally given in and provided
the tickets at that price. Whether they would be legally obligated to do
so, I don't know.
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