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Re: [IP] dating/first encouters...30 yrs later

On this topic- Hubby and I still "date". As of Nov 15 we have been married
30 years. I am 50 yrs young and he is 55 yrs young. Yet when it came to a
pump I was a bit apprehensive. He wasn't. He calls it my second belly
button :)  He is a treasure and well worth the wait.
Being a caregiver he is to me..he always smiles and even inserted a set up
in him when I was a bit scared about it all.  I think we will make another
30 yrs just fine G-d willing.
He is an engineer (mechanical) and is always curious when I get a new
bionic body part So we have alot of humor and fun around here :) He was
very intriqued with my new hair loss from my chemo and was out looking for
hats with me (giggle).
BTW- do you know that MM is not sending out the 357 batteries? Scared me at
first when I got a LO battery warning and went to change the batteries. And
these new ones cannot be bought at any store "yet". Guess I am off to the
store to stock up on the 357s
email @ redacted
AOL IM id riverbijou
ICQ# 48743830

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