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[IP] Endo says YES to pump, but...

Well, I finally had my big appointment with my endo about the pump. She said 
that she would support me with the pump. She asked me what my expectations 
were. I told her to try and have bloodsugars in the 80 - 150 range before 
meals. She said it isn't going to happen on the pump. I was shocked. I asked 
her why? She said that after having type 1 for 22 years and being 41 yrs. 
old that my bgs are somewhat unpredictable and that there are other factors 
like hormones and endorphins (and other stuff) that start playing a bigger 
role in affecting my bgs. She said it would be like this until I go through 
menopause then things would even out, but that will be a while. She said she 
would be happy if my bgs were between 80 and 210. Another surprise to me.
Not a surprise is that I have hypoglycemic unawareness. I am having far too 
many lows. My HbA1C is 6.4 but that is from a lot of lows so she wants me to 
get it higher. She said that I can't go on the pump until I am down to two 
lows/week. I guess I am going to be busy!!
I know that on the pump being aware of lows is harder to detect, so I can 
see her reasoning.
Also, in the past I have had a pronounced dawn phenomenom. She says that 
this can change and she doesn't think I have it anymore
...Have any of you longterm Type 1s had this happen?

She wants me to rent the pump for 3 months first which of course I am 
willing to do. I also understand that it can take longer than 3 months to 
get everything established BUT at least that is a start.
She said I was obsessive about my diabetes, probably because I was so well 
organized with detailed records so we could talk about the pump.
I feel like the wind has been taken out of my sails a bit but I am not going 
to give up. Darn it, I feel better when my bgs are not bouncing around. If 
the pump does at least this for me, I would be happy plus with 5 kids I 
could really use the flexibility, then maybe I won't be so "obsessed" with 

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