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[IP] dating/first encouters...

Sue, I think it takes a special guy to handle diabetes in a mate regardless
whether you're using MDI or pumping.  While I'm not lecturing here (sheesh
is my age showing again? *grin*) I guess I would think that as Susan said,
it would be better to make sure the guy knows about your pumping before you
got intimate with him.  Might make his acceptance of it a little easier
than, "surprise!".  It took me a little while to convice my hubby that
pumping is a good idea and we've been married for 21 years!  I think he was
a little daunted by the fact of me being connected to a tube forever.  But
he's come around and is supporting me on my choice to begin pumping.  But,
then again, he is a special guy.  He's been through it all..... :)

T1 for 37 years, hoping to be pumping soon...

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