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Re: [IP] Bagels

email @ redacted wrote:
> Come on guys, lets be more scientific about this.  There may be some
> difficult problems with  fatty, cheezy, thick pizza slices, but bread is
> bread, i.e, pure carb.  If we can't figure how to bolus for bread, then
> there's surely going to be trouble.   If you ate the same weight of sliced
> bread as in a bagel, would the BG really be all that different?  What is so
> magical about a bagel?  Is it maybe the garlic?  But I always thought
> garlic was supposed to keep away the gremlins? Comments Sara?  I know you
> do lots of morning bagels up there in NYC. *S*
> -wayne, who also likes bagels in Baltimore

Well, I revel in a bagel every morning in Reno, Nevada, no less!

Bagels are DENSE -- not light and fluffy like white bread. And I've
found that you can't always trust package labeling as to carb count --
they don't have to be all THAT precise!!

Also, bagels are usually eaten for breakfast, when a lot of people are
more insulin-resistant -- maybe their carb ratio needs to be changed.

Plus some people eat bagels embellished with things like cinnamon or
blueberries -- that adds carbs, too. 

The strategy that I finally came up with, after a LOT of experimentation
is, I take my bolus earlier than I would if I were eating lunch or
dinner, to give it time to get started. I eat breakfast at about 6:30
AM. I have a marked decrease in insulin-resistance about 10 AM -- so if
the bagel bolus is still active at that time, it can plunge me low. The
early bolus helps avoid that chasm!

I've always had exactly the same problem with cereal -- and although I
haven't eaten it for a long time, I suspect that the same strategy would

It's all trial and error, in the end, and we have to endure the errors!


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