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[IP] dating/first encounters w/ a pump

3. Has anyone had the experience of getting intimate with a new person,
that is, someone who is not your mate? I am wondering how people react
when they start kissing and touching someone and all of a sudden they
find this big wire connected to a small box clipped on the outside of
your clothes.
Any feedback is appreciated!!

I met my boyfriend a few short weeks after I started pumping - his first
introduction to the pump was my sitting at a table in the breakroom at
work and reaching down and yanking it off my bra to bolus.  I explained
to me co-workers what it was, etc. and all being geeky engineers like
myself, were intrigued.

By the time we actually got to that "first kiss" stage, he already knew
about it, had seen, had seen me play with it, and had seen my site.  I
think I was much more overly concerned about it than he was... to him,
it was like it wasn't even there.

Now, the only scenario I can see being a problem is hooking up with
someone you meet in a bar or dance club or something... and well,
I don't tend to like to meet people or date people I meet in places like
that - usually when I am at a bar/club I am there to have fun, not to
find a mate.

It's going to vary on what type of guy you've met - the party animal,
no goals in life losers I've met in college at parties/what not are the ones
that have the biggest problem with it - they've called me  a cyborg,
told me it's gross, grimaced - but honestly, these type of people are not
the type of people I like hanging out with nonetheless dating anyways!!!

If you've met someone you are seriously interested in, well, I would hope
that if the feelings were mutual, then he'd be like my sweetie - and not
care at all....


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