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Re: [IP] Inflated Charges

In a message dated 11/18/99 2:48:56 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I just switched insurance companies.  I am now on a HMO vs PPO.  With
 the PPO I use to order all my pump supplies through MM.  Now I go
 through a third party company called John Davis here is Sacramento.  My
 coverage is 100% so cost isn't to much of a factor but I am wondering
 why when something cost $97 with MM--the sils, why does it cost $137
 with this company.  This was for every item.  The cost overall was about
 25% higher than if I went to MM directly. >>

Gee. Your company only charges 25 percent more? My preferred provider doubles 
MM's charge. I order through MM anyway, even though my co-pay is higher. It 
ends up costing me about $60 more per order through MM. Among other things, 
the higher cost of ordering through the preferred provider can only jack up 
my insurance costs. Plus, it eats into my lifetime cap big-time. I have 
talked to MM about contacting my insurance carrier to get on the preferred 
provider list. I've also made staff benefits aware of the charges. I don't 
think anybody has gotten anywhere yet, though. MM charges the same price to 
everybody and third parties have to jack up the price to make a profit. I 
don't understand why insurance companies don't recognize this and just let us 
order directly from the company. 

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