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RE: [IP] Bagels


Thanks. I'm going to try this and see if it will work for me.


> Bagels 
> are listed with a 
> carb factor of .56 and regular bread is listed as .53  so for 
> instance, a 
> bagel (we're from NYC so we get the BIG ones here :-)  
> weighing 114g (that's 
> the size my son had this past weekend) would be figured out by:
> 114g X .56 = 63.84 
> Then you would divide 64 carbs (rounded off) by your regular 
> carb to insulin 
> ratio (my son's is 12:1) so that would give him a bolus of 
> 5.4 for that 
> bagel.  Now we have bagels pretty much every Sunday and we 
> never have a 
> problem with his BG's when using this method.  In fact, this 
> past Sunday he 
> was 139 at wake up and we bolused for the bagel listed above 
> and two hours 
> later he was 128!  Now, if you figure out 114g into ounces, 
> that would be 3.8 
> ounces!  So, compared to what some other posts figured for a 
> 4 ounce bagel, 
> there is quite a difference.  I hope this info 
> helps.....Until we started 
> using this method, bagels ALWAYS made Steven high.....now we 
> enjoy them 
> regularly.  

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