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[IP] Bagels

In a message dated 11/18/99 8:23:21 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Come on guys, lets be more scientific about this.  There may be some
 difficult problems with  fatty, cheezy, thick pizza slices, but bread is
 bread, i.e, pure carb.  If we can't figure how to bolus for bread, then
 there's surely going to be trouble.   If you ate the same weight of sliced
 bread as in a bagel, would the BG really be all that different?  What is so
 magical about a bagel?  Is it maybe the garlic?  But I always thought
 garlic was supposed to keep away the gremlins? Comments Sara?  I know you
 do lots of morning bagels up there in NYC. *S*
 -wayne, who also likes bagels in Baltimore
Well, everyone,
        I may be WAY off base with this but my theory is that bagels tend to 
be much more dense in texture than regular bread, thus the difference in 
calculating the carbs.  We used to have problems with my son eating bagels 
until we started using the "carb factors" method listed in the back of "Stop 
the Rollercoaster".  You weigh the food on a gram scale and then multiply the 
weight by the carb factor for that particular food.  Bagels are listed with a 
carb factor of .56 and regular bread is listed as .53  so for instance, a 
bagel (we're from NYC so we get the BIG ones here :-)  weighing 114g (that's 
the size my son had this past weekend) would be figured out by:
114g X .56 = 63.84 
Then you would divide 64 carbs (rounded off) by your regular carb to insulin 
ratio (my son's is 12:1) so that would give him a bolus of 5.4 for that 
bagel.  Now we have bagels pretty much every Sunday and we never have a 
problem with his BG's when using this method.  In fact, this past Sunday he 
was 139 at wake up and we bolused for the bagel listed above and two hours 
later he was 128!  Now, if you figure out 114g into ounces, that would be 3.8 
ounces!  So, compared to what some other posts figured for a 4 ounce bagel, 
there is quite a difference.  I hope this info helps.....Until we started 
using this method, bagels ALWAYS made Steven high.....now we enjoy them 

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