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RE:[IP] I can see, but the eye doctor can't.

   Hmmm. I remeber the time I had to see a doctor on an urgent rather than
emergency matter, an infection that needed some antibiotic. My regular PCP
wasn't there. So in walks one of the other doctors in the office. I explain
that I'm there for an antibiotic and that I have had diabetes for 24 years
(at the time).  He proceeded to lecture me: "You know, Diabetes is a very
serious disease...blah, blah, blah.  (NO S*IT!, doctor). Fortunately, I
didn't need this guy for anything else and when my PCP evenutally moved
away, I knew better than to select him as her replacement.
   Boy Jen, I can imagine how maddening this was for you. You work hard to
keep normal-like numbers (which should be impressing him, because it is hard
to do and takes an intelligent, dedicated  patient to accomplish this) and
instead he runs to the comfort of his likely decades-old shpeil on
retinopathy. It's a moronic combinastion of arrogance and ignorance.
     I've met your eye doctor so many times. I bet all of us have, if we
search our memories. We've met him at the dentist office or the ob/gyn's
office or he's been a nurse. If he's not the only one out there, you couold
try someone else, or you could try to bring him a revelation, but I wouldn't
hold out much optimism for that since you will see him so seldomly.
   So that leaves, you keep on doing what you know is right. You are not
predestined to anything.

We see so well we see right through this guy,

Take care,

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