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Re: [IP] Dogs and Pump Humor


Just tell them that is your "portable life-support system"
-- that ought to blow them away!


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> The other 
> night I went to Applebees with a few coworkers after
> work.  I never go 
> anywhere except with my husband and 15 month old son, who
> never blink when I 
> pull the old pump out and bolus her up.  However not
> thinking that these 
> people have probably never seen one, I pull it out, and
> they all start oooing 
> and awing over my kewl clear pager leash.  LOL I just
> about died laughing, 
> especially when they wanted to know where I got it.  Mind
> you these girls are 
> younger than me (bout 10 years) and have a whole
> different concept of what 
> cool is than I.  I told them of course what it was, and I
> don't think one of 
> them had any idea what I was talking about even after I
> told them.  Anyway 
> have a good day.
> Jen

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