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Re: [IP] Bagels

Come on guys, lets be more scientific about this.  There may be some
difficult problems with  fatty, cheezy, thick pizza slices, but bread is
bread, i.e, pure carb.  If we can't figure how to bolus for bread, then
there's surely going to be trouble.   If you ate the same weight of sliced
bread as in a bagel, would the BG really be all that different?  What is so
magical about a bagel?  Is it maybe the garlic?  But I always thought
garlic was supposed to keep away the gremlins? Comments Sara?  I know you
do lots of morning bagels up there in NYC. *S*
-wayne, who also likes bagels in Baltimore

>>>>>>>>>>>For what it is worth, I mentioned bagels to my CDE also. I have
never been
able to eat them without soaring blood sugars. She told me that in 17 years
and setting out 2000 pumps she has never been able to prevent soaring blood
sugars with bagels. She says she always tells women with gestational
diabetes not to eat them for this reason. She also said she had absolutely
no idea why bagels are like this.

> My CDE told me to count 15 carbs per 1oz plain bagel.  A 4oz
> plain bagel = 60
> carbs.  Why does this work only sometimes.
> Kathie

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