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RE: [IP] I can see, but the eye doctor can't.


I was lucky enough to be referred to an excellent retinal specialist by my 
regular eye Dr. and he has never said anything like that to me.  He had to do 
laser on one of my eyes a few years ago after I had my son and he said it was 
mainly caused by the extremely high blood pressure right before I had him 
(toxemia).  I probably wouldn't have had any problems yet if it wasn't for that 
and it all cleared up wonderfully.  I have been diabetic for 22 years and my 
son will be 6 in January.  

I didn't have real good control for many years, but now since I have found the 
right team of doctors and am on a pump I'm doing great.  My retinal specialist 
said he has seen many diabetic patients and he is just amazed at how good the 
condition of my eyes are for having diabetes for so many years, so please do 
find another Dr.!!! 

Some old ideas die a slow death.  My mom was positive because of what all her 
friends told her that I would, no question, have to have a cesarean when I had 
my son, but guess what - it never happened.