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Re: [IP] Flu/pneumonia shots - a warning and a question

Dan, someone with an albumin allergy could go into anaphylactic shock and
die from such an injection.   Not common, but certainly possible.
Allergic reactions are hard to predict, so that is why the warning.  Often
allergic sensitivity builds with each exposure, but how much is YMMV.
Indigestion following eggs is not necessarily an allergic reaction.

<<<<<<<<<They'll usually tell you this when you go to get your flu shot,
but just in
case: If you are allergic to albumin (egg white), you do NOT want to get
one!  This also applies to the pneumonia shot (which you only need every 10
years or so).
One thing I've always wondered is how someone might react to a flu shot if
they are *somewhat* allergic to eggs?  Maybe they can eat eggs just fine,
and they just get a bit of indigestion afterwards, but they aren't really
aware that they have an allergy.
Anyone have any idea how someone with a mild albumin allergy might react to
a flu shot?

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