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Re: [IP] MM 508

Liz, your skepticism is well placed.   Of course MM will tell you that,
since they are selling the batteries. I bet Eveready will tell you that 357
batteries all come from the same factory.  It is true that those you might
purchase from a little corner store in a small town might have been sitting
there for too long, but in my experience with purchases from a local
electronics store and a large department store ( both with high volume
turnovers), I can't see any difference between those and the ones from MM.
MM batteries are not stronger, despite their advertising.  They all have
the same voltage and composition.   Randall mentioned that often companies
make things to "medical standards,"  but as one who often purchases medical
equipment, the "medical standards" label is often just added as a reason to
double the price.   There may be some low level of quality control, but if
this is done at all with batteries, would only be done with statistical
sampling.  But I've never seen this designation used with batteries.  Shelf
life may be an issue for long storage peiods, but half a year at room temp
(less than about 85) will not cause much harm.  Longer tem storage can be
in the fridge (NOT freezer)--just make sure the batteries are dry when you
install them.

email @ redacted was told by Minimed:
>Batteries - the ones they sell are stronger than the
>ones we can buy in the local stores.  But we can use the
>local ones if we need last minute replacements.

OK -- all you engineer types out there -- is this possible??? I thought the
batteries were batteries.  Could MM batteries be "stronger"?? are they made
differently than those I buy at the local discount drug store - Marc's???
What is the shelf life of these batteries??? AND LASTLY -- who actually
manufacturers these batteries for MiniMed???? I've seen no difference in the
length of time they last for Andrea.  One of the reasons we went with MM was
the relative low cost of the batteries (@$.99). HMMMMM - sounds a little
fishy to me, but then I'm naturally skeptical.
Liz B.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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