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Re: [IP] Glycemic Index, questions-info

A very wise word of caution Stephen.  Those GI numbers have been done
different ways, and unfortunately it does make a difference how they are
done and whether they are done in type I, type II or others, and how severe
the diabetes is.  Also, I'm not sure they have been done in pumpers, which
is all we on this list really need to know.  I'd be very careful about
taking seriously the listing that Frosted Flakes (with sucrose as the #1
ingredient) cause less of a spike than cereals with minimal sugar.  Very

>I looked up Life cereal in my book ("The Glucose Revolution, The
>Authoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index") and its glycemic Index is 67
>(relative to glucose, 100).  For comparison, white bread is 70, Corn
>Flakes 84, Frosted Flakes 55, Special K 54.<

From: Stephen Woodward <email @ redacted>
I must tell you that I have never seen these GI figures for these foods.
All of the GI's I have seen have White Bread at ~100, that the standard
and Glucose at >130. The food you describe all  at  >90.
	On that list I referenced Life is at 94 not far from white bread
and far
higher that the banana at 77.
Be careful and read every book on nutrition with a grain of salt.
The GI listing I refereed to for this info is at:
IDD, It's a life full of experimentation and guesswork based on
knowledge and experience. Keep it up, it's been 29 years for me and I'm
still experimenting, guessing, learning and gathering.

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