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[IP] Nancy-thanks-re insulin resistance

	that was agreat explanation for what many of us basically understand in
everyday occurrences.
Especially that must apply when I run high and then finsd the need to
change a set and then bolus and nothing occurs. Then when a bolus or two
FINALLY kick in-look out! Right Roz-youhave it figured out.  
As a Type 1, I find the "change" in resistance after a terrible high and a
bolus or two,is typically 4 long hours away-not sure how my body picks this
magic number.....
Anyway-great to have access to such people who can describe to us what is
occurring in more technical terms.

Another-issue--I find the combination of varying glycemic index of
foods,topped with the variability of gastroparesis  effects sometimes
boggling,espec when i think stress, and hurrying through routines play such
a major role. For that reason,and because we are creatures of habit,I tend
to be less adventuresome with food,espec that with fat content-just as well
i suppose.
Rambling a bit-

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