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Re: [IP] I can see, but the eye doctor can't.

Jen Woodall wrote:
> I know the
> statistics, and I have a much greater chance of developing it than of not
> developing it.  With 14 years "in", it could come at any time, even with good
> control.  But I refuse to believe that it is a given for all diabetics.  We know
> that many people haven't developed retinopathy, even after years of hap-
> hazard control based on urine testing and guesstimated insulin dosages.  My
> endocrinologists, CDE, and other opthalmologists have NEVER told me that
> retinopathy is a given.  And just as I need to know the facts about it, I also 
> needto know that there is hope for the future.

Well, I think I've heard that something like 85% of diabetics develop
background (non-proliferative) retinopathy, and that only a certain
percentage go on to develop proliferative retinopathy, which is the one
that's sight-threatening.

So who knows -- you COULD be among the lucky 15% who never get it at
all, and even if you get background retinopathy, it may not progress. 

No guarantees, one way or the other, but I do have a friend who's had
Type 1 for 30 years and shows no signs of retinopathy at all!

So hope for the best, and prepare for the worst, and you'll have all the
bases covered -- no need to think about laser surgery until such time as
you need it!

Smiles, from someone 7 years in, who has no signs yet, either, and ALSO
doesn't want to ever get it! 
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