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Re: [IP] Questions from a 5 month pumper

> 1.  I am really not that
> skinny! Anyone esle experience this?

my daughter is not really skinny...she is normal.  but her abdomen has some
paunch to it.   she can "pinch an inch".   so far....(knock on wood, only
two weeks...)  her sils have been an improvement over the sof-sets  as far
as lasting longer than three days.

> 2.  I thought that once you get your basals set, you're set. It seems to
> me as though I have to change my basals every 6-8 weeks because my needs
> change. All of a sudden I'll be having hypoglycemia 5-6 times a day,
> following the same routine as I have for the past few months, and then I
> have to change the basals. This does not happen with boluses. Anyone
> else experience this?

yes...but with a growing child.  can't speak for an adult.  BUT...I would
imagine hormones have a big part in insulin requirements.  'nuf said.

> 3. Has anyone had the experience of getting intimate with a new person,
> that is, someone who is not your mate?

can't answer this as geneva has not reached the kissing stage of life yet.

ruth..mom to a non kissing ten yr. old...geneva

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