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In a message dated 11/16/99 2:55:17 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< So, I got my flu shot around 11 am.  By 1:30 I am 401 and now I am 570 
 large ketones.  I have done a site change.  I have called to doc.  I am 
 waiting to hear.  I just took an injection.  2 in one day reminds me of the 
 old MDI days!!!!!  I don't miss them at all!!!  Any advice would be great.
Sounds familiar.  It's now been two weeks since mine and after one of the 
nastiest flus ever I'm better today.  My bgs also went to the moon.  My dawn 
phenom seemed to double and is still a problem requiring like 3-5 extra early 
morning units, as compared with pre-shot.  The first week sounded like yours 
is today.  I did correction boluses about every 2 hours.  Sometimes they 
worked, sometimes they didn't.  If they didn't budge it in two hours, I'd do 
it again, two more hours, test again and bolus again.  My needs DOUBLED for a 
few days. Some days I'd crash.  No good pattern. Some nights I tested every 2 
hrs thru the night.  Now I'm getting pretty close to my "normal" with only 
early am problems, which has always been my "thorn in the side".

Hope your getting better,
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