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Re: [IP] Preexisting Denial?!

Thanks to everyone who has written to me!  Once I looked up the term 
"creditable coverage" and contacted the insurance company, I found out what 
the problem was.  I did NOT have a lapse in insurance....I had been working 
for my current employer for more than one year--they had simply switched 
insurance carriers, so my service should have rolled over with no problems.  
I was told by the insurance co. that my account had been opened for 
investigation for pre-existing because they didn't have my hire date on 
file.  Our Benefits department is currently getting that straightened out, 
and I will hopefully hear no more of it.

In the meantime, I phoned the agent who put my employer in touch with this 
carrier.  Evidently the agent is getting some sort of financial benefit from 
my employer staying with this particular carrier.  I relayed this problem to 
her, and while I was at it, brought up the problem I was having with them on 
my pump supplies.  They are applying the supplies against a $10,000 lifetime 
cap for Durable Medical Equipment. Texas enacted a law in 1997, which 
clearly states that insulin pumps and appurtenances WILL be covered under 
policies issued after 1/1/98 (and the law does not provide for a lifetime 
cap). The agent agrees with my point of view, and has put the wheels in 
motion towards getting them straightened out.  I'll keep you all informed of 
how it goes!  Suddenly, I'm feeling much better, having beaten back the 
insurance monster (for the moment!). :)

Thanks again.


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