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RE: [IP] Sqaure Waves and Dual Waves


I believe you are adjusting the individual basals. I tried a temp basal,
increasing my normal basals by 20 percent. It's going to be interesting to
see where my sugar is in the morning. I have a lot of trouble with very low
sugar, so I was afraid to take too much of a chance on my first attempt. I
haven't had the nerve to eat pizza yet. In the past it has been an almost
guaranteed 250-300 reading for hours and I'm leery of it even with the pump
since I don't know what I am doing yet. I only started pumping last week so
I'm a rank amateur.


> I ask because when geneva eats bagels, pizza...all that stuff
> with refined,
> white flour ...we do a temp basal of 0.7 for 3 hours.  her
> normal basal is
> 0.5.
> ruth and geneva

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