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Re: [IP] MM 508- batteries!!!

Hi Liz B.

This is Ken, Sammis husband.  There are different "classes" of batteries.
When a batch is made (A batch can be THOUSANDS of Batteries)  there is a
small percentage that is tested.  This test indicates the relative strength
of the whole batch.  The best ones are bought (at a higher cost) by medical
companies and the military (who generally pay more for everthing)  These are
"stronger" but that "strength" usually just makes the battery last longer.
The next cut go to consumer electronic applications.  The last cut end up at
Marcs or Kmart.  One other important thing dealing with batteries is age and
storage.  As a battery ages is slowly loses strength (I'd imagine that MM
and D get theirs right from the manufacturer) and have a high turn over of
product - while Marcs has them hanging on the hook for who knows how long,
after sitting in a distribution warehouse for who knows how long.  Storage
is also a factor.  Storing batteries in a hot location will cause them to
degrade faster.  Keeping them in the 'fridge (NOT FREEZER) might extend
their life a little.  However if you live in the hotter parts of the country
keeping your batteries out of the heat WILL make them last longer.  It is
also handy to store them in the fridge, right next to the insulin, in the
butter dish. :)

We now return you to your regularly regulated diabetic.


>OK -- all you engineer types out there -- is this possible??? I thought the
>batteries were batteries.  Could MM batteries be "stronger"?? are they made
>differently than those I buy at the local discount drug store - Marc's???
>What is the shelf life of these batteries??? AND LASTLY -- who actually
>manufacturers these batteries for MiniMed???? I've seen no difference in
>length of time they last for Andrea.  One of the reasons we went with MM
>the relative low cost of the batteries (@$.99). HMMMMM - sounds a little
>fishy to me, but then I'm naturally skeptical.
>Liz B.

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