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[IP] Questions from a 5 month pumper

I have now had my pump 5 months, and I wanted to ask some questions. For
a little background, I was led to believe that I would just hook the
pump up and *abracadabra* my blood sugars would be normal. The Diabetes
Center people didn't teach me about the possible difficulties. So here
1. How many people are not able to use sof-sets because they are too
skinny? After three weeks of out-of-control blood sugars, my diabetes
educator called a nurse who suggested I try silhouettes, because it was
the sof-sets bumping up against muscle that interfered w/ proper
absorption, and thus high blood sugars, blah blah. I am really not that
skinny! Anyone esle experience this??
2.  I thought that once you get your basals set, you're set. It seems to
me as though I have to change my basals every 6-8 weeks because my needs
change. All of a sudden I'll be having hypoglycemia 5-6 times a day,
following the same routine as I have for the past few months, and then I
have to change the basals. This does not happen with boluses. Anyone
else experience this?
3. Has anyone had the experience of getting intimate with a new person,
that is, someone who is not your mate? I am wondering how people react
when they start kissing and touching someone and all of a sudden they
find this big wire connected to a small box clipped on the outside of
your clothes.
Any feedback is appreciated!!

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