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Re: [IP] Re: Old-Schoolers -- Donna

At 01:03 PM 11/17/1999  RoseLea wrote:
 >Donna, you brought back some memories I had forgotten about... when I first
 >started glucose testing, I used to have to drop some blood on the strip,
 >wait 30 seconds, then wipe with a cotton ball, then wait another 30 seconds
 >then check with a color chart.

I also remember doing the cotton blotting on the strips while monitoring 
the second hand on my watch...  and that was a big deal, because it was so 
much more accurate than those test-tape thingies. But I hated the color 
matching since I'm partially colorblind in the red/green area and loved it 
when the meters finally came out with an actual number reading.

With the old urine testing process you could only tell if you were below 
~180 or so when it showed "negative". And that was what you were 2-3 hours 
before, not at the time you tested. But that was so much better than the 
older Clinitest method.

It's all relative. In 5-10 years when we're all equipped with our 
continuous BG readouts and closed-loop pumps, we'll wonder how we survived 
with those old fashioned meters and strips and manual boluses.


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