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[IP] diabetes awareness

Yesterday, our newspaper had an article about diabetes on the front page
mentioning that November was Diabetes Awareness month.  In the article, it
talked about a man (in a big picture on the front) smiling and saying he was
dx'd at the ADA fair the year before.  He's had to start exercising and
eating differently but he's trying to keep his numbers where they should be
and even losing weight.  That was all good.  HOWEVER, the title of the
article was "One Candy Bar away from a Coma"  And this fellow on the front
page was very heavy!  Anyone just glancing at the article was come away once
again thinking that if "those" people would just quit eating candy they
never would have gotten diabetes!  Anyway, here is the email addy of the
editor is you would like to let her know what you think about the Headline
and the stereo typing.  email @ redacted

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