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[IP] Kids & diabetes

When Dan was diagnosed 5 yrs ago at age 12, he took it well.  He had his
moments, he once told me.  We took such good care, we measured and timed
everything just right, yet his A1c's climbed and climbed.  He started
pumping Feb '99, and his A1c's have fallen slowly.  They readjusted his
basals and his BGs seem to be regularly in the "normal" range.

Now he's 17, independent and busy.  We don't monitor his eating, blood tests
or boluses anymore, but we do talk about it.  He is aware and doesn't mind
that I check his meters' memories every so often.  Once in awhile there's a
200+, but it's so wonderful to see so most numbers between 70 and 150.  I
can't wait for his next A1c!

He and his friends know how we watch him and seem protective, and I'm not a
bit too proud to let them know that Dan has to take good care of himself and
why.  He's good about letting us know his whereabouts, and he calls us
notifying us of any changes.  He knows that our imaginations run away with
us when he isn't home on time or where we think he should be.  He's not shy
about wearing his pump for all to see, and he quietly and simply checks his
blood tests wherever he needs to without a thought to those around him.  His
buddies are used to it and don't think anything of it.

Deer hunting gun season begins this weekend in Wisconsin.   Five years ago
he completed hunter's safety course in his hospital bed; a week later our
family did a "trial run" to practice his diabetes routine in the woods, and
a week later he hunted for the first time.  That day I sat in the bathroom
and cried for my child that I was so afraid to lose.  What a difference it
will be for Dan this year!   Not only is the pump new this year, but also
the ability to hear with both ears.  Dan had surgeries this past year that
restored hearing in his "deaf" ear. 

I'm in awe of my young man who's come so far and is so healthy and
competent.  It's hard hearing the rip of those apron strings, but it's
happening as it should, and I guess it's good. 
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