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[IP] Old-Schoolers

Okay, we all (us old schoolers) remember Clinitest but did anyone else
ever add extra drops of water and really believe they were doing better
than they were? Maybe my mother trusted me more than she should have but
based on medical thinking at that time it probably wasn't too big a

How about those first bg test strips. You stood beside the sink and
poked yourself with the lancet - there were no devices for this, you did
it by hand. Then you put the blood on the strip and timed it for one
minute. Not done yet! You put the strip under a stream of water and then
waited another minute. Almost done - no meters, you held the strip
beside the strip container and determined which range you fell in and
those ranges were pretty broad.  Of course before the DCCT stuff we just
tried to get the numbers into a reasonable range because we were
supposed to.

Okay, we've come a long way but we still don't have a cure!
www.diabetes.org is where we can sign the ADA petition so hope everyone
considers doing it. . . . .   Donna

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