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[IP] Dogs and Pump Humor

I think that dogs are almost more in tune to humans than other humans are.  
When I lived at home with my parents my Mom had a black lab, that after I 
wondered down the hallway (God knows what my BG was) threw up in the kitchen 
sink and then blacked out hit my chin on the edge of the kitchen counter and 
bled all over the floor, went into my moms bedroom into her bathroom and 
barked hysterically until my Mom got out, and then led her to me still 
unconscious on the kitchen floor.  Awesome dog!!!!  Speaking of dogs, anyone 
want a beagle?  He is really cute, may cause your Blood pressure to rise 
however, he is really sweet, but likes to roam, and chew on kids toys.
Anyway, just for kicks and grins I thought I would throw this in.  The other 
night I went to Applebees with a few coworkers after work.  I never go 
anywhere except with my husband and 15 month old son, who never blink when I 
pull the old pump out and bolus her up.  However not thinking that these 
people have probably never seen one, I pull it out, and they all start oooing 
and awing over my kewl clear pager leash.  LOL I just about died laughing, 
especially when they wanted to know where I got it.  Mind you these girls are 
younger than me (bout 10 years) and have a whole different concept of what 
cool is than I.  I told them of course what it was, and I don't think one of 
them had any idea what I was talking about even after I told them.  Anyway 
have a good day.
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